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Something You Should Know Before Joining

What you need to know before joining this service.

Asexual Pals is a very unique meeting service for two reasons. One, it caters to asexual and celibate men and women who are interested in meeting (possibly dating) those who can appreciate their lifestyle. By providing an "asexuals only" board and organized chats with members. Two - it's a micro meeting service. Meaning it's small and personable giving full control to the individual members, ie, members are allowed to be responsible for posting/editing their ads and screening potential mates.

Unlike most meeting services you will not find mega databases consisting of tens of thousands of member profiles. Remember, we specialize in the asexual and celibate populace, which raises an interesting hesitancy in posting profiles for some individuals. If you only see five or six profiles posted on the Asexual Board it does not mean the membership is composed of five or six people. It only means five or six members chose to post their profiles. Currently there are 490 members.

Rhetorical questions to ponder. How would you know if the person or persons you seek to meet is not one of the six posted members if you never joined and introduced yourself to them? Asexuals are a very closeted group and it's natural for them to be this way considering they are not fully understood by the sexually charged world around them. If you have a desire to know someone else in this particular demographic wouldn't it make sense to join a meeting service such as Asexual Pals to have some access to these people?

Now I know you are asking yourself, is this service for me? If you are looking for a vast database of profiles, need guarantees you will find Miss or Mister Right, strongly dislike introducing yourself to others (would rather lurk), or just not one who would participates in chats with others then this service IS NOT FOR YOU. However, if you are asexual or celibate and truly want to meet other like-minded people and is willing to post your profile then joining this service would be a good start.




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